About us

Our vision

Launched by four founders, Meltycasa has the ambition to expand internationally and to revolutionize the flatsharing market in Europe and beyond into a fully online process.

At Meltycasa, we believe in a world of high mobility, where spaces are used efficiently while being accessible in a few clicks.

We want to contribute to a world without barriers or frontiers, by making the international feel more local and the local feel more international.

« Renting your room in a shared flat should be as simple as an hotel reservation »

What we offer

An online apartments booking platform for flatmates in mobility.

At Meltycasa, we are innovating in Real estate by building the new standard of how people will be renting their flatshare for for mid and long term entirely online with us, in a simple and secure manner.
We are improving the flatsharing experience by introducing the matching fonction between flatmates, making the people at the center of the booking process again.

Our service provides vital change in a growing flatsharing market. We offer a simple, safer and convenient online housing.

A simple solution to an old problem

Meltycasa has the ambition to simplify the search of housing to the young generation, professionals or students.

Because the main challenge for them while moving to a new city is to find an accommodation, without physically being there. These young people looking for rentals need a secure environment in which they can fully trust.

Meltycasa meets this demand with a secure platform offering attested and certified apartements by its network of photographers. The reservation is made online in a few simple steps.

The team

Cofounder & CEO
Cofounder & COO
Cofounder & CMO
Cofounder & CTO
Web Designer
Backend Developper
Community Developper
Business Developper